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  • 2,71 € In Stock

    A self-adhesive aid, which protects your feet from slipping out of open shoes. Sizes: universal 1 pair

    2,71 €
  • 1,47 € In Stock

    Genuine leather with a coarsened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The antislips also correct irregularities occurring in the heel-part of shoes. Simple use. One size fits all.

    1,47 €
  • 1,47 € In Stock

    Genuine leather in black with a roughened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The antislips also correct irregularities occurring in the heel-part of shoes. Simple use. One size fits all.

    1,47 €
  • 2,85 € In Stock

    They release pressure in pain spots and make walking softer at the front of the foot. The shape imitates the most vulnerable part of the foot under the toe joints. The combination of foam, whipped latex and cotton makes the cushions very soft and flexible. The cushions are fixed to the 2nd toe with a rubber band.

    2,85 €
  • 2,71 € In Stock

    The materials of cotton terry and whipped latex make walking very comfortable. A small latex transverse -arch -supporting pad works as prevention against transverse flat foot or reduces its early stages.

    2,71 €
  • 4,90 € In Stock

    This combination of transverse arch support and the soft front part of the insole is best used in open-heel shoes or where a thin sole does not make walking soft enough. The self-adhesive film keeps the toe from shifting. The soft genuine leather with excellent hygienic qualities enhances thequality and durability of the tip-toe. The latex transverse arch...

    4,90 €
  • 5,78 € In Stock

    Keep your feet dry and prevent the occurrence of undesirable odour because they are made of antibacterial and antistatic PU foam with carbon as an excellent moisture absorber. The soft and flexible structure of the integrated memory foam with behaviour adaptable to temperature adjusts to the anatomy of your foot and provides optimal distribution of...

    5,78 €
  • 5,49 € In Stock

    The central aperture of the ring pad takes direct pressure away from the affected area and forms as a shield. Stick it right on the foot.

    5,49 €
  • 9,87 € In Stock

    Designed to support the metatarsal arch to alleviate causes of pain. The sizes can easily be adapted with scissors.

    9,87 €
  • 9,43 € In Stock

    Alleviates plantar fascilitis and heel related syndromes that indirectly translate into knee and lower back pain. Reduce the weight load on the ankle, hip joint and sacrum.

    9,43 €
  • 8,70 € In Stock

    A dual density extra soft heel cup for the tender rear of the foot. The base of the calcaneus is cradled within an extra soft circular spot. Recommended for stubbornly recurring calcaneal bursitis.

    8,70 €
  • 9,58 € In Stock

    Stabilise and protect heels. Suitable for problems associated with heel spurs.

    9,58 €
  • 9,07 € In Stock

    Intended to help eradicate plantar calluses and hard skin, the pads reduce the adverse effects of weight bearing and alleviate painful rubbing and friction on walking. Specifically designed to treat forefoot soreness.

    9,07 €
  • 5,27 € In Stock

    Reduces the pain in the bone protuberance, decreases the pressure and prevents the friction caused by Hallux Valgus. The gel protector is very thin, and is made in a way that no patient will refuse to wear it.

    5,27 €
  • 12,21 € In Stock

    Best applied in open-toe shoes or where the size of the shoe doesn't allow for a full insole. The solution to tired feet as a result of narrow, high heeled, constricting footwear, affording prolonged relief to all ligament and muscle structures under conditions of excessive loading.

    12,21 €
  • 8,04 € In Stock

    A perfect safeguard against troublesome bunions, Gel oval redistributes shoe pressure, and prevents insidious friction. Stick it right on the foot.

    8,04 €
  • 3,29 € In Stock

    This small gel cushion is designed to relieve pain in the metatarsal foot area. It also protects your feet from slipping out of open shoes.

    3,29 €
  • 9,43 € In Stock

    They can be used in the event of the foot axis having Hallux Valgus (inward) (X) and Hallux Rigidus (outward) (O) position, i.e. for correcting “waddling" on the inside or outside. They are shaped with a slight wedge, which counteracts an incorrect axial position of the foot. They are made of silicone gel, which softens the step and absorbs impacts. An...

    9,43 €
  • 4,61 € In Stock

    Flexible tubing with inner gel lining. Suitable for protecting painful areas on toes.

    4,61 €
  • 14,52 € In Stock

    The plush velour makes the insoles softer, more comfortable and absorbs sweat. The raised metatarsal pad provides gentle support and aid in the proper alignment of the metatarsal arch. Indicated for planta pain, heel pain/heel spurs, neuromas, metatarsalgia, shin splints and fascilitis. The size can be adapted with scissors for a perfect fit.

    14,52 €
  • 4,75 € In Stock

    Ideal for toes protection. The gel disc inside the girdle made of mesh fabric removes all friction and pressure to the skin. Most pain can be reduced. Use where corn, calluses or hammer toes cause discomfort.

    4,75 €
  • 12,06 € In Stock

    Liqua Care insoles contain a precisely measured amount of non-toxic liquid that flows through a patented control system. Because of the unique design of Liqua Care, whether walking or standing, a series of channels filled with a highly viscous liquid causes the muscles in the feet to move imperceptibly which in turn makes the blood circulate, thus...

    12,06 €
  • 3,37 € In Stock

    Smooth, soft and transparent gel does not affect the appearance of footwear. The most common use is to prevent your feet from slipping out of the shoes and from bruising in the heel’s upper shoe. The antislips also correct irregularities occurring in the heel-part of shoe. When putting in correct place, follow instructions in the leaflet.

    3,37 €
  • 4,24 € In Stock

    Transparent gel does not affect the appearance of the footwear. Superbly comfortable cushioning. Especially useful in open type shoes, sandals or clogs. To put in the correct place follow instruction in the leaflet.

    4,24 €
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