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Support and stability
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    These insoles are used for correcting the transversal and longitudinal flat foot of the 1st degree, or as prevention while carrying heavy loads. Also suitable for use in insufficiently moulded footwear to maximise comfort. The wool top layer is made of STADEX material and is therefore suitable for winter footwear.

    6,29 €
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    Anatomically shaped to support the foot’s lateral and transverse arches. The basis is a light skeleton with a 100% combed polyester surface and a soft rubber coating that pleasantly warms the foot and makes walking more comfortable.

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    Insoles comprised of winter wool + aluminium foil that keep your feet warm thanks to their top layer of 100% natural wool. The centre layer is made of a material that insulates against moisture. The bottom leyer of aluminium insulates from the cold and at the same time it has an anti-slip coating to prevent it from moving around in the shoe. Ideal for...

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    The insoles keep feet warm thanks to an upper layer made of patterned fleece material to ensure comfort and warmth. The mid-layer of activated carbon prevents odour and regulates perspiration. The bottom layer is made of high-density latex foam for impact absorption and slip resistance, preventing movement of the insole inside the shoe. Ideal for winter.

    1,83 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items