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Support and stability
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  • 4,90 € In Stock

    The mild support of the lengthwise vault of the arch and the heel bedding prevent the foot from manifesting lengthwise flat-footedness. This support-base is covered with a latex layer with active carbon of good absorption capacity. For the purpose of higher hygienic quality, this layer is additionally laminated with cotton.

    4,90 €
  • 6,29 € In Stock

    These insoles are used for correcting the transversal and longitudinal flat foot of the 1st degree, or as prevention while carrying heavy loads. Also suitable for use in insufficiently moulded footwear to maximise comfort. The wool top layer is made of STADEX material and is therefore suitable for winter footwear.

    6,29 €
  • 1,98 € In Stock

    A latex layer with active carbon. Variable for sizes 36−46.

    1,98 €
  • 2,64 € In Stock

    The insoles improve transverse flat foot of 1st and 2nd stage. Their metatarsal latex pad is shaped anatomically for the right and left foot. The latex layer with active carbon contains ingredients which absorb odors and moisture and make walking softer.

    2,64 €
  • 9,29 € In Stock

    They are intended primarily for footwear that has not been fitted with another orthopedic or medical insole and the properties of which do not meet the requirements for child prescription footwear. Its flexible and solid EVAC material makes it a lightweight, ensures long life and easy maintenance, while respecting the needs of stability and the...

    9,29 €
  • 8,04 € In Stock

    The base of Skelet Antibacterial Insoles is made of a light and firm ‘skeleton’ which provides, altogether with the latex metatarsal pad, support and prevention for lengthwise and transversely flat feet. The antistatic micro-fibre material is of double density as compared to ordinary insoles. It is vastly superior to leather, because it speeds up the...

    8,04 €
  • 5,05 € In Stock

    These insoles are made of antistatic micro-fibre material that is vastly superior to leather because it speeds up the absorption of moisture and keeps your feet dry. Its high-density foam (doubled as compared to an ordinary insole) with open cells provides free ventilation and speeds up transpiration. These qualities and the foam’s anti-bacterial...

    5,05 €
  • 5,78 € In Stock

    Keep your feet dry and prevent the occurrence of undesirable odour because they are made of antibacterial and antistatic PU foam with carbon as an excellent moisture absorber. The soft and flexible structure of the integrated memory foam with behaviour adaptable to temperature adjusts to the anatomy of your foot and provides optimal distribution of...

    5,78 €
  • 5,85 € In Stock

    ANTIBACTERIAL SHOE FRESHNERS contain 100% natural mineral compounds and the scent of a mixture of herbaceous plants. Why are the freshners unique? They eliminate unpleasant odours without leaving chemicals in your shoes. They absorb dampness – thus drying shoes and preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. They refresh shoes with a mild natural scent...

    5,85 €
  • 1,83 € In Stock

    The insoles keep feet warm thanks to an upper layer made of patterned fleece material to ensure comfort and warmth. The mid-layer of activated carbon prevents odour and regulates perspiration. The bottom layer is made of high-density latex foam for impact absorption and slip resistance, preventing movement of the insole inside the shoe. Ideal for winter.

    1,83 €
  • 2,05 € In Stock

    An insole with a top layer of absorbent technical material that gives a pleasant, fresh feeling. Perfumed layer treated with SANITIZED®, an antibacterial and antifungal treatment, that helps to prevent unpleasant odours and regulates sweating. The second layer made of high density breathable latex foam with an anti-slip surface helps the foot to breathe...

    2,05 €
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    An insole with a top layer of absorbent towelling material that gives a pleasant fresh feeling. Layer treated with SANITIZED®, an antibacterial and antifungal treatment, it helps to prevent unpleasant odours and regulates sweating. The base is made of natural coconut fibre which allows the air to pass through keeping feet healthy and fresh all day long....

    3,29 €
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