055 Skelet antibacterial insoles

Support of the longitudinal and transverse arches. Very good absorbency of sweat and reduction of odour formation in shoes. They help align the feet into the correct position. Increased walking comfort. Relief for tired and sweaty feet.

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SizesInsoles lenght
36 240 mm *
37 248 mm *
38 256 mm *
39 265 mm *
40 270 mm *
41 278 mm *
42 284 mm *
43 292 mm *
44 297 mm *
45 303 mm *
46 311 mm *
47 316 mm *
48 321 mm *

There may be differences due to material flexibility and shape (+-2 mm). The new insole should follow the shape of the original insole. 

● orthopaedic shape
● support of the longitudinal and transverse arches
● flexible plastic skelet for natural movement of the foot
● heel cushioning ensures absorption of the heel bone shocks
● very good hygienic properties
● high sweat absorption and odour block using the activated carbon

Material: polyester, recycled polyurethane foam with active carbon, latex foam, polypropylene


Packaging pair
For who? men / women
What problems is the product used for? comfortable walking / flat foot / foot odor and perspiration / longitudinally flat foot / transverse flat foot / uncorrect position of legs
For what type of shoes? casual shoes / sport shoes / work shoes
Firmness flexible / firmer
Surface material polyester / foam layer with activated carbon
Support of the transverse arche ●●●
Heel cup with a soft latex cushion
Instruction for use After use, remove the insoles from the shoes and allow to dry at room temperature / Do not use at the same time as other longitudinal and transverse arch support / If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product / Use the correct size
Brand svorto
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Company svorto s.r.o.

The company was founded in the Czech Republic in 1991 by a group of experts as an association of independent professionals. In 1999 there was a transformation to company svorto s.r.o. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been engaged in production and distribution of orthopedic and sports insoles for footwear, as well as production and distribution of orthopedic aids, semi-finished products for prosthetics, and footwear accessories for healthy comfortable walking.We also exclusively distribute a wide range of sports insoles, semi-finished products and technologies of a French company Sidas and also heating products from company Therm-ic to the Czech and Slovak market.