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  • 4,24 € In Stock

    A tube made of woven cotton covered by 3 mm thick foam. Different shapes can be obtained by cutting the tube. Length: 25 cm.

    4,24 €
  • 0,88 € In Stock

    Its soft foam detaches the toes and protects the painful spots. It can also be used for nail varnishing.

    0,88 €
  • 4,24 € In Stock

    Provides comfort and relief for painful and annoying soft corns found between the toes. Relieves discomfort caused by overlapping toes and protect the sensitive toes.

    4,24 €
  • 5,49 € In Stock

    The central aperture of the ring pad takes direct pressure away from the affected area and forms as a shield. Stick it right on the foot.

    5,49 €
  • 5,27 € In Stock

    Reduces the pain in the bone protuberance, decreases the pressure and prevents the friction caused by Hallux Valgus. The gel protector is very thin, and is made in a way that no patient will refuse to wear it.

    5,27 €
  • 8,04 € In Stock

    A perfect safeguard against troublesome bunions, Gel oval redistributes shoe pressure, and prevents insidious friction. Stick it right on the foot.

    8,04 €
  • 4,61 € In Stock

    Flexible tubing with inner gel lining. Suitable for protecting painful areas on toes.

    4,61 €
  • 4,75 € In Stock

    Ideal for toes protection. The gel disc inside the girdle made of mesh fabric removes all friction and pressure to the skin. Most pain can be reduced. Use where corn, calluses or hammer toes cause discomfort.

    4,75 €
  • 4,39 € In Stock

    Reduces pain in bone protuberances, diminishing the pressure and friction. Anatomical design. Its little thickness fits well in the shoe.

    4,39 €
  • 4,39 € In Stock

    The gel spreader with a thumb protector is a soft and flexible combination of two devices. The silicone gel optimally absorbs pressures, straightens the Hallux Valgus and protects the joint of the thumb. The combination of the devices perfectly fits in the correct position.

    4,39 €
  • 4,39 € In Stock

    The gel toe cap helps protect against friction and pressure related injuries such as blisters, corns and calluses. It helps prevent nail problems. Its size can be adjusted.

    4,39 €
  • 6,22 € In Stock

    The gel spreader DUO is a combination of the gel spreader with a double ring and the gel spreader with the thumb protector. The device straightens the hallux valgus, perfectly fits in the correct position and protects the joint of the thumb.

    6,22 €
  • 8,70 € In Stock

    Pulls the forefoot on the transverse arch whilst also providing perfect protection for the toe joint against callouses and chafing.

    8,70 €
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items