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Support and stability
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  • 4,75 € In Stock

    The insoles improve transverse flat foot of 1st and 2nd stage. The metatarsal latex pad is shaped anatomically for the right and left foot and is inserted between the two layers of the insoles. Its 2 mm thick foam makes walking softer and the leather surface has desirable hygienic qualities.

    4,75 €
  • 5,12 € In Stock

    Best applied in open-toe shoes, or where the size of the shoe does not allow for a full insole. A high quality self-adhesive film prevents the insole from shifting.

    5,12 €
  • 2,71 € In Stock

    The materials of cotton terry and whipped latex make walking very comfortable. A small latex transverse -arch -supporting pad works as prevention against transverse flat foot or reduces its early stages.

    2,71 €
  • 6,95 € In Stock

    The Mini Skelet Insoles are a shorter variant of 031 Insoles. The light and firm ‘skeleton’ of the insoles provides the desired effect even though its volume is minimal. The soft latex transverse-arch supporting pad, the latex heel-supporting pad and soft lamb leather make walking very comfortable. They are suitable for open toe shoes or where size does...

    6,95 €
  • 4,90 € In Stock

    This combination of transverse arch support and the soft front part of the insole is best used in open-heel shoes or where a thin sole does not make walking soft enough. The self-adhesive film keeps the toe from shifting. The soft genuine leather with excellent hygienic qualities enhances thequality and durability of the tip-toe. The latex transverse arch...

    4,90 €
  • 6,51 € In Stock

    They are made of soft latex foam, which supports the longitudinal arch and transverse arch. The surface is covered with soft lamb leather. They are used primarily in tight-fitting and open shoes or where size does not permit reduction of the internal room. The high quality self-adhesive foil prevents the insole from shifting.

    6,51 €
  • 9,87 € In Stock

    Designed to support the metatarsal arch to alleviate causes of pain. The sizes can easily be adapted with scissors.

    9,87 €
  • 12,21 € In Stock

    Best applied in open-toe shoes or where the size of the shoe doesn't allow for a full insole. The solution to tired feet as a result of narrow, high heeled, constricting footwear, affording prolonged relief to all ligament and muscle structures under conditions of excessive loading.

    12,21 €
  • 9,14 € In Stock

    Their shape is suitable for narrow type shoes such as pumps. The folded gel in the heel and below the ball joints perfectly absorbs shock and protects the sensitive part of the foot, especially in shoes with thin soles. Their shape can be adapted with scissors.

    9,14 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items