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    4,70 €

    Have you felt a sharp pain in your heel? Has the pain got worse or has it become chronic? On the heel bone, at the spot where bands are attached to...

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    8,10 €

    A dual density extra soft heel cup for the tender rear of the foot. The base of the calcaneus is cradled within an extra soft circular spot....

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    9,30 €

    Stabilise and protect heels. Suitable for problems associated with heel spurs.

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    8,90 €

    They can be used in the event of the foot axis having Hallux Valgus (inward) (X) and Hallux Rigidus (outward) (O) position, i.e. for correcting...

  • 4,70 € In Stock
    4,70 €

    The heel pads correct the axial position of legs. Depending on how you insert the asymetrical heel pad into your shoes, one pair may be used for...

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    8,70 €

    Alleviates plantar fascilitis and heel related syndromes that indirectly translate into knee and lower back pain. Reduce the weight load on the...

  • 4,70 € In Stock
    4,70 €

    This heel cup creates in the lateral part of the heel area a ring of protection around your spur, providing instant relief for heel pain. Often...

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    3,30 €

    The pad is made of extra soft latex material and genuine lamb leather. The pad provides support for the heel, absorbs the impact shock and relieves...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items