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We offer orthopaedic aids suitable for prevention as well as correction of foot deformities. They are anatomically shaped, provide maximum comfort in contact with the sole and meet the hygienic requirements of the Czech National Health Institute.

  • 9,04 € In Stock
    9,04 €

    The basis of the insole is made of the soft and flexible material Korkfant, which anatomically supports both arches. The insole is designed for...

  • 2,24 € In Stock
    2,24 €

    The combination of the gel spreader and the girdle is made of soft, silicone gel and elastic bandage. The spreader straightens the Hallux Valgus,...

  • 2,12 € In Stock
    2,12 €

    The pads are made of a soft latex base that supports a transversely flat foot. The surface of beige version is covered with the leather, white...

  • 3,35 € In Stock
    3,35 €

    A corrective shield between the first and second toes. Prevents deviation of the Hallux Valgus into a resulting bunion, while avoiding friction.

  • 3,77 € In Stock
    3,77 €

    Have you felt a sharp pain in your heel? Has the pain got worse or has it become chronic? On the heel bone, at the spot where bands are attached to...

  • 2,89 € In Stock
    2,89 €

    Heel supports of different thickness are used for correcting legs of different length. Due to the construction of the shoe the maximum height of...

  • 7,27 € In Stock
    7,27 €

    A dual density extra soft heel cup for the tender rear of the foot. The base of the calcaneus is cradled within an extra soft circular spot....

  • 2,74 € In Stock
    2,74 €

    This aid provides double function. It is a spreader helping in the alignment of toes and diminishing friction. Both rings also ensure that the...

  • 7,66 € In Stock
    7,66 €

    The base of Skelet Antibacterial Insoles is made of a light and firm ‘skeleton’ which provides, altogether with the latex metatarsal pad, support...

  • 3,66 € In Stock
    3,66 €

    The gel spreader with a thumb protector is a soft and flexible combination of two devices. The silicone gel optimally absorbs pressures,...

  • 7,89 € In Stock
    7,89 €

    The light and firm ‘skeleton’ of the insole provides the desired effect even though its volume is minimal. A soft latex transverse-arch supporting...

  • 4,20 € In Stock
    4,20 €

    The support of the longitudinal arch and the cupped heel positively influence the correct position of children’s legs. Washable.