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  • 3,54 € In Stock
    3,54 €

    A tube made of woven cotton covered by 3 mm thick foam. Different shapes can be obtained by cutting the tube. Length: 25 cm.

  • 6,74 € In Stock
    6,74 €

    Designed to help bunions by ensuring the correct positioning of the toes, relieving pain and even having a preventive effect. The Velcro fastening...

  • 7,62 € In Stock
    7,62 €

    An effective aid to prevent and fix a bunion on the big toe that can be used in the day or at night. The pressure on the big toe can be adjusted...

  • 7,66 € In Stock
    7,66 €

    Used for difficulties in case of bunions. It ensures correct position of hallux valgus and protection against pressure sores. It can also be used...

  • 1,24 € In Stock
    1,24 €

    A soft pad with removable middle made of a more compact Poreten.

  • 6,89 € In Stock
    6,89 €

    A very effective way to correct the deformity of the big toe while sleeping. The plastic brace straps your toe into position, while soft foam...

  • 1,89 € In Stock
    1,89 €

    Stretches and separates toes and protects painful areas.Prevents toes from mutual damages. ● soft and skin-friendly materialUsed for problems with...

  • 3,66 € In Stock
    3,66 €

    Supports, detaches and straightens toes distended at the ands. A soft latex calf-coated moulding is fixed to the 2nd toe with a rubber band; its...

  • 0,85 € In Stock
    0,85 €

    Three layers of foam of different hardness. Its shape ideally fills in the gap between the big toe and the 2nd toe.

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    0,74 €

    Its soft foam detaches the toes and protects the painful spots. It can also be used for nail varnishing.

  • 1,93 € In Stock
    1,93 €

    Washable hygienic silicone rubber with flexible partitions in the hollow middle to create the desired pressure. The oval surfaces on the upper and...

  • 2,27 € In Stock
    2,27 €

    With the Toe Straightener, you can align overlapping, crooked or hammertoes with gentle, constant pressure. Adjustable, cotton-covered elastic loop...

  • 2,70 € In Stock
    2,70 €

    Shaped specially for the left or right foot. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

  • 2,27 € In Stock
    2,27 €

    A corrective shield between the first and second toes. Prevents deviation of the Hallux Valgus into a resulting bunion, while avoiding friction....

  • 3,35 € In Stock
    3,35 €

    A corrective shield between the first and second toes. Prevents deviation of the Hallux Valgus into a resulting bunion, while avoiding friction.

  • 3,54 € In Stock
    3,54 €

    Provides comfort and relief for painful and annoying soft corns found between the toes. Relieves discomfort caused by overlapping toes and protect...

  • 4,43 € In Stock
    4,43 €

    Alleviate discomfort caused by hammer toes and claw toes conditions. This ingenious little splint anatomically conforms to the sulcus of the foot.

  • 3,04 € In Stock
    3,04 €

    Helps to align toes, deals with problems in the metatarsal joints caused by Hallux Valgus and relieves friction. The oval surfaces on the upper and...

  • 4,39 € In Stock
    4,39 €

    Reduces the pain in the bone protuberance, decreases the pressure and prevents the friction caused by Hallux Valgus. The gel protector is very...

  • 6,70 € In Stock
    6,70 €

    A perfect safeguard against troublesome bunions, Gel oval redistributes shoe pressure, and prevents insidious friction. Stick it right on the foot.

  • 3,81 € In Stock
    3,81 €

    Flexible tubing with inner gel lining. Suitable for protecting painful areas on toes.

  • 3,97 € In Stock
    3,97 €

    Ideal for toes protection. The gel disc inside the girdle made of mesh fabric removes all friction and pressure to the skin. Most pain can be...

  • 3,81 € In Stock
    3,81 €

    Ensures toe separation. Helps straighten overlapping or deformed toes. Protection against formation of skin abrasions.   

  • 3,66 € In Stock
    3,66 €

    The gel spreader with a thumb protector is a soft and flexible combination of two devices. The silicone gel optimally absorbs pressures,...

Showing 1 - 24 of 29 items