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Support and stability
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  • 9,87 € In Stock

    Designed to support the metatarsal arch to alleviate causes of pain. The sizes can easily be adapted with scissors.

    9,87 €
  • 20,47 € In Stock

    A dual density full-length insole (less dense silicone intended to accommodate the foot areas that receive heavier loads), featuring a design that encompasses the entire plantar aspect of the foot, and hugs it as it impacts on the ground through the different phases of the gait process.

    20,47 €
  • 12,21 € In Stock

    Best applied in open-toe shoes or where the size of the shoe doesn't allow for a full insole. The solution to tired feet as a result of narrow, high heeled, constricting footwear, affording prolonged relief to all ligament and muscle structures under conditions of excessive loading.

    12,21 €
  • 14,52 € In Stock

    The plush velour makes the insoles softer, more comfortable and absorbs sweat. The raised metatarsal pad provides gentle support and aid in the proper alignment of the metatarsal arch. Indicated for planta pain, heel pain/heel spurs, neuromas, metatarsalgia, shin splints and fascilitis. The size can be adapted with scissors for a perfect fit.

    14,52 €
  • 12,06 € In Stock

    Liqua Care insoles contain a precisely measured amount of non-toxic liquid that flows through a patented control system. Because of the unique design of Liqua Care, whether walking or standing, a series of channels filled with a highly viscous liquid causes the muscles in the feet to move imperceptibly which in turn makes the blood circulate, thus...

    12,06 €
  • 12,43 € In Stock

    Gel inserts soften steps, absorb shock, and favourably influence long-term and excessive load to the feet. The velour cover is pleasant to touch and smooth when taking on tight shoes. The size can be adapted with scissors.

    12,43 €
  • 9,14 € In Stock

    Their shape is suitable for narrow type shoes such as pumps. The folded gel in the heel and below the ball joints perfectly absorbs shock and protects the sensitive part of the foot, especially in shoes with thin soles. Their shape can be adapted with scissors.

    9,14 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items