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Support and stability
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    9,87 €

    Designed to support the metatarsal arch to alleviate causes of pain. The sizes can easily be adapted with scissors.

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    20,47 €

    A dual density full-length insole (less dense silicone intended to accommodate the foot areas that receive heavier loads), featuring a design that...

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    12,21 €

    Best applied in open-toe shoes or where the size of the shoe doesn't allow for a full insole. The solution to tired feet as a result of narrow,...

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    14,52 €

    The plush velour makes the insoles softer, more comfortable and absorbs sweat. The raised metatarsal pad provides gentle support and aid in the...

  • 12,06 € In Stock
    12,06 €

    Liqua Care insoles contain a precisely measured amount of non-toxic liquid that flows through a patented control system. Because of the unique...

  • 21,12 € In Stock
    21,12 €

    As to its dimension and functions the product is the same as 106. A dual density full-length insole (less dense silicone intended to accommodate...

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    12,43 €

    Gel inserts soften steps, absorb shock, and favourably influence long-term and excessive load to the feet. The velour cover is pleasant to touch...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items