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    The base of the liner consists of a flexible anatomically shaped EVA+PORETEN material which, by its shaping, supports the longitudinal and transverse arches. At the same time, it creates a hammer toe cushion and maintains the right axle position of the foot thanks to a deep cup. The liner surface forms a highly resistant fabric with antibacterial treatment.

    13,52 €
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    Supports, detaches and straightens toes distended at the ands. A soft latex calf-coated moulding is fixed to the 2nd toe with a rubber band; its loose end makes it possible to fix the support firmly to the toes. There are two different shapes – for the right and left foot. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

    4,39 €
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    The basis of the insole is made of the soft and flexible material Korkfant, which anatomically supports both arches. The insole is designed for serial production of shoes with heels of up to 4 cm. It is covered with leather, which improves its hygienic qualities. Hammer toe support and soft cushion in the heel for comfortable walking.

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    Alleviate discomfort caused by hammer toes and claw toes conditions. This ingenious little splint anatomically conforms to the sulcus of the foot.

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