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  • 1,61 € In Stock

    For a softer feeling in the front of the shoe.

    1,61 €
  • 1,98 € In Stock

    A latex layer with active carbon. Variable for sizes 36−46.

    1,98 €
  • 6,58 € In Stock

    They are designed for particularly sensitive feet. The low support of the longitudial arch and heel cup provide an anatomically shaped bed. The cover layer of the insoles (made of polyolefin foam with polyester knit) contains silver particles which destroy bakteria and prevent the mold and odor. The wide front part of the insole corresponds with the size...

    6,58 €
  • 2,71 € In Stock

    A self-adhesive aid, which protects your feet from slipping out of open shoes. Sizes: universal 1 pair

    2,71 €
  • 1,47 € In Stock

    Genuine leather with a coarsened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The antislips also correct irregularities occurring in the heel-part of shoes. Simple use. One size fits all.

    1,47 €
  • 1,47 € In Stock

    Genuine leather in black with a roughened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The antislips also correct irregularities occurring in the heel-part of shoes. Simple use. One size fits all.

    1,47 €
  • 2,85 € In Stock

    They release pressure in pain spots and make walking softer at the front of the foot. The shape imitates the most vulnerable part of the foot under the toe joints. The combination of foam, whipped latex and cotton makes the cushions very soft and flexible. The cushions are fixed to the 2nd toe with a rubber band.

    2,85 €
  • 5,78 € In Stock

    The extremely soft and flexible material Poreten provides protection against the formation of flat foot and fatigue. The textile cover with silver nanoparticles provides anti-bacterial qualities and agreeable touch to the feet. They are also suitable for sports shoes.

    5,78 €
  • 5,05 € In Stock

    These insoles are made of antistatic micro-fibre material that is vastly superior to leather because it speeds up the absorption of moisture and keeps your feet dry. Its high-density foam (doubled as compared to an ordinary insole) with open cells provides free ventilation and speeds up transpiration. These qualities and the foam’s anti-bacterial...

    5,05 €
  • 1,98 € In Stock

    Insoles comprised of winter wool + aluminium foil that keep your feet warm thanks to their top layer of 100% natural wool. The centre layer is made of a material that insulates against moisture. The bottom leyer of aluminium insulates from the cold and at the same time it has an anti-slip coating to prevent it from moving around in the shoe. Ideal for...

    1,98 €
  • 1,83 € In Stock

    The insoles keep feet warm thanks to an upper layer made of patterned fleece material to ensure comfort and warmth. The mid-layer of activated carbon prevents odour and regulates perspiration. The bottom layer is made of high-density latex foam for impact absorption and slip resistance, preventing movement of the insole inside the shoe. Ideal for winter.

    1,83 €
  • 1,90 € In Stock

    Insoles with an upper layer made of scented absorbent material that ensures a pleasant and fresh feeling. The high-density latex foam mid-layer absorbs impact and allows the feet to breathe. The non-slip feature prevents movement inside the shoe.

    1,90 €
  • 5,85 € In Stock

    The mid-layer is made of polyurethane foam with the temperature-dependant behaviour, hardening with cold and softening with heat. The insoles adapt to the anatomy of the foot and ensure an ideal distribution of the foot sole’s pressures. The lycra and polyester upper layer is soft to the touch. The bottom layer is made of non-slip latex.

    5,85 €
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    Intended to help eradicate plantar calluses and hard skin, the pads reduce the adverse effects of weight bearing and alleviate painful rubbing and friction on walking. Specifically designed to treat forefoot soreness.

    9,07 €
  • 12,06 € In Stock

    Liqua Care insoles contain a precisely measured amount of non-toxic liquid that flows through a patented control system. Because of the unique design of Liqua Care, whether walking or standing, a series of channels filled with a highly viscous liquid causes the muscles in the feet to move imperceptibly which in turn makes the blood circulate, thus...

    12,06 €
  • 4,24 € In Stock

    Transparent gel does not affect the appearance of the footwear. Superbly comfortable cushioning. Especially useful in open type shoes, sandals or clogs. To put in the correct place follow instruction in the leaflet.

    4,24 €
  • 12,43 € In Stock

    Gel inserts soften steps, absorb shock, and favourably influence long-term and excessive load to the feet. The velour cover is pleasant to touch and smooth when taking on tight shoes. The size can be adapted with scissors.

    12,43 €
  • 9,14 € In Stock

    Their shape is suitable for narrow type shoes such as pumps. The folded gel in the heel and below the ball joints perfectly absorbs shock and protects the sensitive part of the foot, especially in shoes with thin soles. Their shape can be adapted with scissors.

    9,14 €
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