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  • 10,77 € In Stock
    10,77 €

    The base of the liner consists of a flexible anatomically shaped EVA+PORETEN material which, by its shaping, supports the longitudinal and...

  • 3,54 € In Stock
    3,54 €

    A tube made of woven cotton covered by 3 mm thick foam. Different shapes can be obtained by cutting the tube. Length: 25 cm.

  • 5,20 € In Stock
    5,20 €

    These insoles are used for correcting the transversal and longitudinal flat foot of the 1st degree, or as prevention while carrying heavy loads....

  • 1,66 € In Stock
    1,66 €

    A latex layer with active carbon. Variable for sizes 36−46.

  • 5,47 € In Stock
    5,47 €

    They are designed for particularly sensitive feet. The low support of the longitudial arch and heel cup provide an anatomically shaped bed. The...

  • 2,24 € In Stock
    2,24 €

    A self-adhesive aid, which protects your feet from slipping out of open shoes. Sizes: universal 1 pair

  • 1,50 € In Stock
    1,50 €

    Genuine leather with a coarsened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The...

  • 1,50 € In Stock
    1,50 €

    Genuine leather in black with a roughened surface and a self-adhesive layer protects your shoes from falling off and your heels from contusion. The...

  • 2,39 € In Stock
    2,39 €

    They release pressure in pain spots and make walking softer at the front of the foot. The shape imitates the most vulnerable part of the foot under...

  • 2,16 € In Stock
    2,16 €

    The materials of cotton terry and whipped latex make walking very comfortable. A small latex transverse -arch -supporting pad works as prevention...

  • 7,27 € In Stock
    7,27 €

    Anatomical insole for tired, aching feet. For people who are on their feet all day or who have to walk for many hours. In contrast to conventional...

  • 4,04 € In Stock
    4,04 €

    This combination of transverse arch support and the soft front part of the insole is best used in open-heel shoes or where a thin sole does not...

  • 3,08 € In Stock
    3,08 €

    A genuine leather surface with a soft underlayer guarantees comfort in your shoes.

  • 4,81 € In Stock
    4,81 €

    The extremely soft and flexible material Poreten provides protection against the formation of flat foot and fatigue. The textile cover with silver...

  • 4,24 € In Stock
    4,24 €

    These insoles are made of antistatic micro-fibre material that is vastly superior to leather because it speeds up the absorption of moisture and...

  • 4,81 € In Stock
    4,81 €

    Keep your feet dry and prevent the occurrence of undesirable odour because they are made of antibacterial and antistatic PU foam with carbon as an...

  • 1,93 € In Stock
    1,93 €

    Insoles comprised of winter wool + aluminium foil that keep your feet warm thanks to their top layer of 100% natural wool. The centre layer is made...

  • 1,77 € In Stock
    1,77 €

    The insoles keep feet warm thanks to an upper layer made of patterned fleece material to ensure comfort and warmth. The mid-layer of activated...

  • 1,89 € In Stock
    1,89 €

    Insoles with an upper layer made of scented absorbent material that ensures a pleasant and fresh feeling. The high-density latex foam mid-layer...

  • 5,58 € In Stock
    5,58 €

    The mid-layer is made of polyurethane foam with the temperature-dependant behaviour, hardening with cold and softening with heat. The insoles adapt...

  • 1,89 € In Stock
    1,89 €

    An insole with a top layer of absorbent technical material that gives a pleasant, fresh feeling. Perfumed layer treated with SANITIZED®, an...

  • 3,04 € In Stock
    3,04 €

    An insole with a top layer of absorbent towelling material that gives a pleasant fresh feeling. Layer treated with SANITIZED®, an antibacterial and...

  • 7,81 € In Stock
    7,81 €

    Alleviates plantar fascilitis and heel related syndromes that indirectly translate into knee and lower back pain. Reduce the weight load on the...

  • 7,27 € In Stock
    7,27 €

    A dual density extra soft heel cup for the tender rear of the foot. The base of the calcaneus is cradled within an extra soft circular spot....

Showing 1 - 24 of 41 items