033 | Tip-toes with metatarsal pads − leather

This combination of transverse arch support and the soft front part of the insole is best used in open-heel shoes or where a thin sole does not make walking soft enough. The self-adhesive film keeps the toe from shifting. The soft genuine leather with excellent hygienic qualities enhances the
quality and durability of the tip-toe. The latex transverse arch supporting pad, shaped anatomically for the right and left foot, is ideal for supporting cross arches.

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For who? women
What problems is the product used for? transverse flat foot / flat foot
For what type of shoes? narrow type
Lenght top
Support and stability support the transverse arch
Instruction for use If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product / Use the correct size
Packaging pair
Sizes Ano
Brand svorto