052 | Orthopedic insoles men

Provide support of the longitudinal and transverse arches
of the foot. Straightening of the foot into the correct position.
Delayed leg tiredness in case of excessive strain.
Relief for sore and tired feet.

● orthopaedic shape
● support of the longitudinal and transverse arches
● insole construction aligns and maintains feet in the correct position
● heel cushioning ensures absorption of the heel bone shocks
● toe support
● covered with soft lamb leather

The basis of the insole is made of the soft and flexible material Korkfant, which anatomically supports both arches. The insole is designed for serial production of shoes with heels of up to 4 cm. It is covered with leather, which improves its hygienic qualities. Hammer toe support and soft cushion in the heel for comfortable walking.

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Produkty Insoles,
For who? men
What problems is the product used for? longitudinally flat foot / uncorrect position of legs / flat foot / transverse flat foot / in-turned or out-turned feet
For what type of shoes? work shoes / casual shoes
Instruction for use After use, remove the insoles from the shoes and allow to dry at room temperature / Use the correct size / If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product / Do not use at the same time as other longitudinal and transverse arch support
Packaging pair
Brand svorto