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Sport insoles are made of eva foam material, which ensures increased durability even with intensive use. They are suitable for sports activities. The raised edge in the heel promotes stability, the bowing under the longitudinal arch prevents it against collapse under increased load. The softer parts under the heel and the knuckles absorb shock and protect the sensitive part of the foot. The upper part is textile-coated. They are also suitable for healthy feet, in which case they prevent deformities, reduce fatigue, affect the correct biomechanical movement of the legs and the whole body and provide greater comfort during sports activities. The size can be adapted with scissors.

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For who? women / men
What problems is the product used for? flat foot / longitudinally flat foot / comfortable walking
For what type of shoes? casual shoes / sport shoes
Lenght full lenght
Support and stability support the longitudinal arch / heel cup / soft cushion in the heel / vyměkčení předonoží
Packaging pair
Sizes Ano