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054 | Orthopedic insoles for lengthwise arch

These insoles are created from flexible material korkfant that anatomically supports the longitudinal arch. The heel cup holds, stabilises and balances the foot. The top microvelour layer with soft, perforated foam is pleasant to touch and ensures comfortable walking. A new feature brings a deepening in the front/metatarsal part, where the knuckles are fitted into a bed that meets the requirements of the anatomical biomechanics of walking. This reduces the pain caused by foot calluses and favorably influences the deformation of fingers and Hallux Valgus. Washable with warm water and soap.

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For who? women / men
What problems is the product used for? flat foot / longitudinally flat foot
For what type of shoes? casual shoes / work shoes
Lenght full lenght
Support and stability support the longitudinal arch
Instruction for use If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product
Packaging pair
Sizes Ano
Brand svorto