005 | Orthopedic insoles with heel cup

The base of the liner consists of a flexible anatomically shaped EVA+PORETEN material which, by its shaping, supports the longitudinal and transverse arches. At the same time, it creates a hammer toe cushion and maintains the right axle position of the foot thanks to a deep cup. The liner surface forms a highly resistant fabric with antibacterial treatment.

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For who? women / men
What problems is the product used for? flat foot / longitudinally flat foot / transverse flat foot / uncorrect position of legs / in-turned or out-turned feet / heel pain / comfortable walking
For what type of shoes? casual shoes / work shoes / sport shoes
Lenght full lenght
Support and stability support the transverse arch / support the longitudinal arch / heel cup / toes support / soft cushion in the heel
Instruction for use The insoles are supplied in double or triple numbers, the size can be adjusted at the tip by trimming with scissors. / If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product / After use, remove the insoles from the shoes and allow to dry at room temperature / Do not use at the same time as other longitudinal and transverse arch support / Use the correct size
Packaging pair
Sizes Ano
Brand svorto