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012 | Diabetic insoles

They are designed for particularly sensitive feet. The low support of the longitudial arch and heel cup provide an anatomically shaped bed. The cover layer of the insoles (made of polyolefin foam with polyester knit) contains silver particles which destroy bakteria and prevent the mold and odor. The wide front part of the insole corresponds with the size of diabetic footwear and can be used to replace the original insole. The size and shape can be adjusted with scissors.

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Produkty Insoles,
For who? women / men
What problems is the product used for? comfortable walking / safe walking / pain relief
Lenght full lenght
Instruction for use If you are being treated for diabetes, consult a doctor about the use of this product / After use, remove the insoles from the shoes and allow to dry at room temperature / Do not use at the same time as other longitudinal and transverse arch support / Use the correct size
Packaging pair
Sizes Ano
Brand svorto