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  • 4,24 € In Stock

    A tube made of woven cotton covered by 3 mm thick foam. Different shapes can be obtained by cutting the tube. Length: 25 cm.

    4,24 €
  • 4,39 € In Stock

    Supports, detaches and straightens toes distended at the ands. A soft latex calf-coated moulding is fixed to the 2nd toe with a rubber band; its loose end makes it possible to fix the support firmly to the toes. There are two different shapes – for the right and left foot. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

    4,39 €
  • 0,88 € In Stock

    Its soft foam detaches the toes and protects the painful spots. It can also be used for nail varnishing.

    0,88 €
  • 2,85 € In Stock

    With the Toe Straightener, you can align overlapping, crooked or hammertoes with gentle, constant pressure. Adjustable, cotton-covered elastic loop holds the toe securely in place. Washable and reusable. Wear during walking. One shape fits all. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

    2,85 €
  • 3,44 € In Stock

    Shaped specially for the left or right foot. Not recommended for persons with diabetes.

    3,44 €
  • 4,24 € In Stock

    Provides comfort and relief for painful and annoying soft corns found between the toes. Relieves discomfort caused by overlapping toes and protect the sensitive toes.

    4,24 €
  • 5,34 € In Stock

    Alleviate discomfort caused by hammer toes and claw toes conditions. This ingenious little splint anatomically conforms to the sulcus of the foot.

    5,34 €
  • 5,49 € In Stock

    The central aperture of the ring pad takes direct pressure away from the affected area and forms as a shield. Stick it right on the foot.

    5,49 €
  • 8,04 € In Stock

    A perfect safeguard against troublesome bunions, Gel oval redistributes shoe pressure, and prevents insidious friction. Stick it right on the foot.

    8,04 €
  • 4,61 € In Stock

    Flexible tubing with inner gel lining. Suitable for protecting painful areas on toes.

    4,61 €
  • 4,39 € In Stock

    Reduces pain in bone protuberances, diminishing the pressure and friction. Anatomical design. Its little thickness fits well in the shoe.

    4,39 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items